On this page we will publish news related to the PS4 and their games. Let’s start with the hardware models that currently exist in the market.

 PS4 Slim:

The console we use but lighter, 30% less volume and 25% less weight than its traditional model. It has a 500 GB hard drive and there is another 1 TB model. It has capacity to support the HDR image technology and has energy performance improvements.


Other change was the elimination of the digital audio output port.

While it promotes its energy improvement, many users are reporting that it heats up equally or more than its predecessor.

The recommendation is that if you already have a PS4 console is not worth changing it, and if it will be your first console is best to consider the model Pro.


It is the evolution of the PS4. Among its improvements are support for play in 4K resolution (if the TV allows it), as well as support for HDR for improvement of graphics.


It is slightly larger than the original console. It generates frames smoother and more stable, in general, improve the graphic quality of the games even if you play them on a TV that does not support 4K.

It is compatible with all current PS4 games, since it is not another platform, but an improvement to the family of PS4 consoles. One negative thing is that it lacks a 4K Blu-ray player, so you can not use it to watch movies in this format.

If you already have a PS4 console and your TV does not support 4K, it is not so necessary to upgrade to this team, but if you don’t have a PS4 the best thing would be to buy this model and this way you’d already be ready for when you have a TV that supports 4K if you do not yet have it.

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