If you are one of the many people waiting to put their hands in a fresh Xbox Scorpio, then you must begin preparations. The first thing you will need is a 4K TV. Of course that a normal HD TV can be use, but, for truly enjoy the native 4K video of the games that this new console will deliver you really need a 4K HDR TV set.

Before I review the Samsung TV set, let me explain some specs definitions crucial to the gamers experience.

Descripción English: This is a map that compares how much of the color spectrum (that large oval in the far back) different color spaces cover. ProPhoto RGB covers the most of the spectrum, Adobe RGB is the second largest, and sRGB is the smallest. Also shown is the color limits of the Epson 2200 printer. From the original document: A Color Managed Raw Workflow - From Camera to Final Print (.PDF) "This gamut map of the various color spaces shows that there are colors that can be printed on an Epson 2200 that fall outside of both the sRGB color space and the Adobe RGB color space. Cameras' capturing and printers' printing are not limited to the sRGB color space." Image created by Jeff Schewe Fecha 17 de mayo de 2007 (fecha original de carga) Fuente Transferido desde en.wikipedia a Commons por aboalbiss. Autor The original uploader was Cpesacreta de Wikipedia en inglés

HDR: High Dynamic Range. This function relates to how TV sets try to show more realistic images in the screen.  It has two mayor components: Contrast and Color.

I´m going to try to explain them without geek definitions.

The difference between how much a bright scene can be display and how much dark a display can get is call contrast ratio. The bigger the difference the better. HDR TV sets have a minimum value for both bright and dark scenes.

Color relates on to how many colors can be displayed on the TV set. For example, BRD uses 8-bit color which provide 16 777 216 colors, and in HDR TV sets use 10-bit color, meaning they can display 1 073 741 824 colors, 64 times BRD can.

The other important spec is input lag, which is the time that the TV set uses since the image is generated to the image is displayed. This is very important for gamers since you don’t want to input commands with your video game control to see that your actions are being delay on your TV set. That’s why TV sets have a game mode in which this input lag is shorten.

Also size matters. You won’t be seeing much difference between a HD TV set and a 4K TV set in small displays. I recommend a 50” display minimum for a 4K TV set.

There are many TV brands out there, but only 3 of them have the best specs with a few exceptions, Samsung, Sony and LG.

The SAMSUNG KS8000 are a mid-range 4K TV sets.


  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Color: Quantum Dot Color
  • 10-bit support: YES
  • Motion Rate: MR 240
  • HDR: HDR 1000
  • UHD Scaling: YES
  • Energy Star Certified

Definitely this is the best gaming 4K TV set for the price. It has superb image, great audio and easy to use menus. It uses Quantum dots to produce light and color of the image. They are very small particles, only a few nanometers, which provide very high peak brightness and better color saturation.   The only bad thing is it doesn´t have good viewing at extreme angles.

I recommend the 55” model. Also Samsung provides a FULL LIFE BURN FREE guarantee for this product. In older TV’s if a static image was displayed for long periods of time it could cause a permanent defect in the display.


Another good 4k TV set is the LG OLED55E6P, it has an OLED display. Oled stands for Organic Led and uses leds to display light and color.  It’s a more expensive technology that LCD, so if you can affort this tv set, go for it.

So, if you are serious about playing games in 4K with Xbox Scorpio or even with Xbox One S or PS4 PRO you need a good 4K TV set.

Please leave any comment you want, and if you are using one of these TV sets or a different one I would like to know what it´s performance is.

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