Over the years there have been a fierce competition between Sony and Microsoft in the gaming arena, always trying to surpass each other, and Microsoft have failed, until now, to have a better hardware game console. Both models, PS4 Slim and Ps4 PRO are better hardware equipped that their counterparts, the Xbox One and Xbox One S (except maybe for the disk player in Xbox One S which is a 4K BD, that Sony didn’t use because of costs issues).

But all that is about to change.

Microsoft is aiming to build the more powerful gaming console to this day. It´s called Project Scorpio, and thanks to an exclusive interview that Microsoft offered to Digital Foundry,  we now know it´s specs:

  • Main processor Single chip 8 cores x86-64 2.3 GHz custom processor
  • Graphics: 6 Teraflops, HDR support
  • Memory: 12GB DDR5
  • Memory Bandwidth: 326 GB/s
  • Storage: 1 TB
  • Disk Drive: 4K BD drive

If you read my last post, Should I wait for Xbox Scorpio, you can compare the specs between the PS4 Pro and the Scorpio console, and finally Microsoft will surpass Sony´s hardware.

This is what Microsoft promises us that Xbox Scorpio will be able to do:

  • Native 4K gaming support
  • HDR support for compatible TV sets
  • Compatibility with all Xbox One games and accessories
  • Upscaling and graphics enhancing of all previews games
  • Lots of games already under development.

Microsoft is already shipping it´s device kit for game publishers.

There are still questions unanswered, like final price, final name and appearance. I expect that all these questions will be answered on June 11 in the Microsoft Conference in E3 2017

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  1. So last September, I bought my son the Xbox One S thinking if I got the newest one with the largest storage I’d be off the hook for a while in buying a new console. Now there is this little whisper of Scorpio in the house but I haven’t paid too much attention because I thought it wouldn’t be out until 2018. But if device kits are shipping, I’m guessing it’ll be this holiday season? I know we’ll have more answers after E3 on release dates and price, but do you think this will be big enough I will have to pre-order to get my hands on it?

    1. There are a lot of expectations for the new Xbox Scorpio. It will be the console with the best hardware, but how much will it cost? In E3 we will Know., and many people will want to have one as soon as it comes out, but I prefer to wait a few months at least because every new equipment might have unknown bugs.

  2. Oooooo! I wonder what it’s going to look like? I think for the most part xbox’s shell designs have been rather lack-lustre up until now. Surely anything would look better than a shoe box? hehe

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