Brink! Developer Interview

We recently sat down with lead developer on BRINK! to talk about their new game.


Duke Nukem Forever Video

There is a new Duke Nukem video that was released yesterday showing video of multiplayer action.

Nintendo 3DS Fail
» posted by Tim under News & Nintendo on Thu. Dec, 16th

The Nintendo 3DS is not nearly as cool as Nintendo is trying to market it as.  Probably because no one cares about handhelds except for 13 year old Japanese girls.  That is all.

PSN Finally Restored
» posted by Tim under News & Sony on Thu. Dec, 16th

After nearly a month the PlayStation Network is back up and running.  After recent attempts at hacking the system and rumors of credit card theft, Sony beefed up its encryption with a new patch you’ll find when you try and log in next.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
» posted by Tim under Microsoft & News on Thu. Dec, 16th

Bethesda recently announced the next title of the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. According to the site Bit-Tech, it is said ro tun a different engine than Oblivion and Fallout which is great news seeing how the Gamebryo engine is starting to show its age. “Skyrim will apparently be built on a whole new engine too, with Bethesda’s Community manager Nick Breckon tweeting eairler…